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"It’s very well done, and the best example of a live action fighting game that I’ve seen. Very seemless, it’s like one doesn’t even notice, it just becomes fully immersive, like you are really controlling a video character."
(Rob Fulop, '90s FMVgames creator)

Be an action b movie hero and defeat all your enemies in this brand new interactive experience.

Stay Dead evolution is our last attempt to create a truly arcade action game out of a real life footage.

In Stay dead, indeed, even if the graphic is entirely shot in real life, you can move your character and perform more than 100 different techniques distribuited in 5 stages.

At his core Stay Dead is a 'round beat'em up' like Street Fighter with elements taken from rythm games.
In every level you will fight against a different martial art wrestler.

game characteristics:

fast arcade action
5 different martial arts
5 unique environments, different for look, feel and directing style
3 different skins and look and feel UIs
More than 100 martial arts moves
4 difficulty levels
Real time interaction in a movie
Original concept for a groundbreaking approach to the genre

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press reviews - the reviwes refer to stay dead, the previous incarnation of the game

"As far as I know, this has not been done before. It very much is a new concept in gaming – and that’s rare.[...]I very much enjoyed this game.[...]This is a new type of video game[...]It’s hard for me to point out anything truly wrong with it" read the full review

"The video quality is extremely well done and looks great on the iPad. The atmosphere that each fighter presents himself in fits perfectly and the game does a great job of making every scenario unique. The stage/prop designers did an exceptional job and I would have loved to see a greater number of unique stages and opponents.[...]The gameplay mechanic is the deciding factor with any FMV game, and I am glad to say that Stay Dead doesn’t fall short by any means. [...]Yeah, I know the term Quicktime event may turn a few people off but that’s really about the only way to pull of this style of game. Thankfully this is done extremely well and attack sequences have some variation providing a pretty good challenge to each opponent. [...]extremely well done FMV sequences, and an interesting interface, Stay Dead brings a solid FMV experience to the iPad. "read the full review

"This is a very unique game with well-planned fight moves. I thought it would be cheesy to have a real actor performing fight moves that I control, but it plays like a real game.[...]Even though the graphics use real-life people in a motion picture design, it doesn’t seem goofy. The characters have a hyper-saturated filter over them, making it almost look like a really good quality computer-generated graphics game.[...]This is definitely worth the money. It is very unique and the gameplay is fun and challenging. Fans of fighting games will get a kick out of playing with real actors instead of cartoon graphics."read the full review

"It’s what we’d see if FMV and Street Fighter got together and had a kid which was a game.[...]The style of this game is what makes it look and feel so good. The camera angles have been created in a true cinematic feel, its constantly changing keeping the action fresh and exciting. The buttons that appear on the screen never seem to get in the way of the action which is great as long as you can hit them in time.[...]It’s a brilliant idea that works, it’s the future of films where you make the choice and be a part of the action. [...]I’ve found this game compelling, frustrating and brilliant! It could do with more content but the concept is fantastic. Stay Dead isn’t busting with content and a huge story, it’s a simple game offering fun gameplay and an idea which could be used for so much more. If you love interactive movies then make sure you give this ago!"read the full review

"But this game is trying to be different and what they do, they do quite well. The video clips flow smoothly from one scene to the next, with moves based on your choices nicely implemented, and despite watching video, I still felt in control of my character, or at least, responsible for his moves. I found myself strangely liking this game. It has a certain charm about it that is rare in a lot of games, and although the entire game consists of only five opponents, I kept coming back for just one more go, which is all that can be asked of any game, I think."read the full review

"It isn’t an easy game, but its a good challenge and keeps the player entertained.[...]It is only £6.99 though and there isn’t many games like it. So worth spending the money for an entertaining game and chances are you have played nothing like it."read the full review

"Stay Dead’s visual style is quite unique, and may have opened up a new genre for others to expand on.[...]This system leads to a pleasing flow of attack-defend-attack during battles, which is a better use of QuickTime events than most. [...]Thankfully, Stay Dead avoids this pitfall, applying some solid gameplay mechanics to this structure that gamers are quite wary of. [...]reviving the FMV format and applying some modern design principles to it makes for an interesting product." read the full review

In a well directed FMV style the player is expected to react to the on screen instructions to perform combos, parrys and blocks. This minimalistic control approach is incredibly satisfying[...]The scene directing is rather interesting. With a range of different filming techniques and well crafted shots, Stay Dead’s FMVs are clearly on a professional level. The set design is also pretty well done and varies from fight to fight. With a well lit room of candles to a junk-yard, it’s clear that Stay Dead was well thought out from the outset and the Director knew exactly what he wanted to each scene. It’s a fascinating approach to the interactive medium.[...]The first time through, Stay Dead is a fun little game that completes all of it’s goals. This may even last multiple times depending on the player. With well-shot, well-choreographed fight scenes, if you don’t fall for it’s charm there must be something wrong with you. Go see a doctor." read the full review

"There are fighting computer games, and martial arts movies. Until now, it was all kind of separated. A company by the name “BRUCEFilm” managed to combine the two, thus narrowing the gap between a film and a video game. If you haven’t heard of it before, meet “Stay-Dead”, a motion picture game, where a person is able to control real-life characters, as if they are videogame characters. In the end, “Stay-Dead” is a fusion of an action movie and a “round beat’em up” game like street fighter with elements taken from rhythm games."read the full review

"primera película interactiva en tiempo real para nuestro iPad y Mac.[...]los controles están perfectamente adaptados tanto en iPad como en Mac, pudiendo usarse de manera sumamente intuitiva, pero sobre todo encontrando un dinamismo perfecto.[...]pero lo importante que es todo con un dinamismo fantástico.[...]La calidad gráfica de Stay Dead es simplemente perfecta[...]Tanto que cuando termines estarás pensando ¿como es posible? y volverás a deleitarte con ellos[...]En resumen, Stay Dead es un juego al que todos deberíais dar la oportunidad de probar. Siendo perfecto tanto para el experimentado jugador de juegos de acción, como para el que no ha jugado nunca a uno, representa una experiencia tan grata y completa que estarás deseando volver a jugar."read the full review

"Nonostante questa tecnica, in passato, abbia portato a risultato leggermente discutibili, in Stay Dead l’effetto finale è davvero molto buono: gli sfondi sono credibili e soprattutto gli attori sembrano ben “immersi” nelle ambientazioni. Le immagini e i movimenti dei protagonisti risultano ben fluidi e credibili, ottenendo come risultato dei combattimenti “da film” piacevoli da guardare e, lo ripetiamo, credibili. Fa molto piacere vedere come il mix “filme giochi” possa non solo tornare in auge, ma addirittura venire effettivamente bene.[...]Così, su queste basi, saltiamo alla domandona clou: tutto ciò funziona e vale 8 euro? Sinceramente sì. Pur a fronte di una longevità generale non alle stelle, Stay Dead si rivela frenetico, divertente e visivamente d’impatto: in poche parole, l’esperimento di mischiare i genere applicato a un impianto grafico rivoluzionario è stato un’ottima idea, e soprattutto un’idea riuscita.[...]L’esperimento di creare un mix tra picchiaduro, film interattivo è francamente riuscito. Pur non avendo un budget milionario, Stay Dead riesce in quello che vuole fare: lanciare sul mercato un prodotto nuovo, che rompe gli schemi pur mantenendo concretezza. Consigliato a tutti quelli che amano mettere alla prova i propri riflessi e che hanno voglia di cimentarsi con qualcosa di originale e ben fatto al tempo stesso."read the full review

"Grâce à cette nervosité et à la mise en scène simple et sans fioriture des combats, Stay Dead se montre finalement plutôt fun et tendu.[...]Un gameplay QTE nerveux associé à de la baston en motion capture, le tout servi par une bonne réalisation, font de Stay Dead un jeu plus fun et immersif qu'il n'y parait. A découvrir."read the full review

video reviewwatch the full review

video reviewwatch the full review

video reviewwatch the full review

video reviewwatch the full review

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