Team Sports – Will it Help Kids be Successful in Life?

A lot of kids are into sports these days, despite the rise of eGames – a kind of sport that lets you play against other players using electronic devices such as computers and smartphones. However, there is only so much that these devices can do. Your child’s physical movements are limited, and it only increases the risk of acquiring various diseases. This doesn’t mean that the eGames are bad and should be avoided. Your child just needs to interact with other children of their age and play with them a sport that they will truly enjoy.
Everybody knows that getting into sports is a highly beneficial activity, but the only thing that majority knows about is how it can keep people physically fit. When it comes to team sports, it has qualities and values that have a lasting impact on its participants.

  • Teamwork and Leadership
    When it comes to team sports, it will teach your child the importance of it. Not only will it help your child realize what teamwork is, but the values that he or she receives and learns from the sport will also influence their decisions when they grow into adults. It will also have a great impact on how he or she works in a team in the corporate world. Engaging in a team sport can also provide your child an opportunity to learn about the qualities of being a good leader, a skill that is rarely taught in classrooms and an invaluable skill for adults.
  • Healthy Lifestyle
    Everybody knows that once you are participating or active in sports, you are physically fit. When children are taught at an early age the importance of being physically fit, they will bring that habit with them as they grow older, not to mention all throughout his life. Over 30 percent of the children in the US alone are recorded as overweight, according to the records from Emory Healthcare. Children that are diagnosed as overweight has a very high possibility that they are going to be obese when they reach adulthood, too. This is because they are bringing their attitude or habit that they’ve learned when they were a kid all the way when they are adults. Playing team sports will help your child keep themselves fit, which will prevent him from suffering weight issues when he reaches adult age.

    • Improve Self-Esteem
      Your child that participates in a team sport will build up their self-esteem and self-confidence, which can influence in other parts of their lives. This is based on an official study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Children that participate in sports are recorded to be happier and less depressed or have anxiety issues. They are also less likely to show bad behavior, as stated from the New York University Child Study Center. The habit that they pick up while doing team sports not only be ingrained in them, it will also follow them through their adult life. Children that are involved in sports mostly feel better regarding themselves, physically and socially, when they turn into adults.
    • Discipline, Trust, and Respect
      Your child will also learn discipline, respect and even trust through his or her participation in team sports. The qualities, as aforementioned, will help build her or his character, thus adding more success to their lives. He or she will learn more about setting up their goals and even work hard for it to achieve it.
  • Decisiveness
    Children that do team sports are less likely going to make any bad decisions, like drug abuse, smoking, and drinking alcohol. This is based on a study conducted by the University of Florida. While they are a part of the team, children will learn how important it is for them to stay healthy and at the same time create a good decision for them to perform at their best.

I hope this introduction to this topic has given your some good food for thought around this topic.  Getting your children in sports can be a wonderful way to help them not only learn a sport, play well with others, and develop good fitness, but it can also do so much more for them.  It can also pay off in other ways, they may make it on the scouting report and eventually provide some monetary value or financial assistance for their college education.